Mentally ill students of Balochistan.


By Shayan Baloch.
A friend from Balochistan expressed his reservations regarding educational institutes paralysis under the firm influence of the armed forces and narrated that,  
         “Without knocking the door of my room at University of Balochistan boy’s hostel, initially a constable of frontier crops shoes appeared with a tall height wearing a militia cap, when I gazed towards the man found him holding an AK 47 gun, long armed boots and a wireless set.  Without paying me greet he started watching at all corners of the room. He was probably searching out what would be written on the walls of the room and whose images are fastened.
I was stunned over his rude behavior when he asked me harshly to show him my hostel card, he treated me as if I am a terrorist or a suicide bomber and have come to abode here to blow me up. For last few days it was a routine to see them in the hostel premises by interval of time to check the students and their room in order to frustrate them psychology and showing them their presence prevailed in the educational institutes otherwise in such premises where four types of security forces are on the duty line and somehow enormously more than hundreds of CCTV cameras are affixed which apparently began from the entrances of UoB till the doors of the bathrooms. In such a security tight building where as well a wing of frontier crops by the name of Chiltan Riffle present, which always appear to round ups in the premises of the University of Balochistan how could someone enter into the boundary having explosive weapons with, as the frontier crops in the boys hostel were reported to ask the students to take out their guns and other such weapons which may intentionally be used for the propose of terrorist activities.
        Anyways, the army man when founding nothing written and images fastened on the walls of the room, his eyes trapped on the noticeboard where an article written by Nadeem Paracha,  “the journey of an iconic image” published in Sunday Magazine of Dawn on 21august 2016. He asked in a fierce style that, “whose image is this affixed on the notice board”? I replied “I don’t know”, he violently said “how I couldn’t know”, I didn’t answer him this time as I was known about the rude and ferocious behavior of the armed personnel. He took this piece of the article in which the image of Che Guevara was drawn and forcedly fixed in his fist until it folded and thrown it out. When stepping out from the room he threatened to not affix such images and most especially ordered not stick the images of Baloch nationalists.
         This less presumed manner of the armed personnel reminded me the brutal killing of a student Mashaal Khan who was studying in the Wali Khan University of Mardaan, KPK. After his slaying when the hostel room was investigated there appeared the bearded man, revolutionary leader Ch Guevara, Fidel Castro and Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti whose images are today unbearable because they fought against tyrannies and injustices. It assisted me to conclude that behind the brutal killing of Mashaal Khan there was only the reason he was a follower of those revolutionaries whose images are under the siege.
      I am surprised that university of Balochistan is a paramilitary camp or an educational institute. Where routinely the personnel of frontier crops misbehave with students and teachers, but no one even the concerned administrators seem completely powerless to ask them what they are doing with the students in the premises of the UoB. This what the educational institutes in Balochistan are under the siege, students are getting fed off and being mentally tortured by intervention of the armed personnel in the educational buildings. Not only university of Balochistan, every institute in Balochistan is entirely paralyzed owing to intervention of the armed forces”.

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