From Laila to Sammi


By Shahmeer Baloch

Translated into English by Shayan Baloch

        Laila Khalid was born on 9th April 1944 in Khaifa. In 1948 in result of forcedly drawing out the Palestinians from this place they migrated to Libnan. In age of fifteen years she followed her brother to join Arab Nationalist Movement, which in this region considered the differently separated Arab nation’s structures into a nationalistic sentiment and a single nation. The foundation of this group has been held in 1940 and the Palestinian section of this group moved ahead to became Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Laila Khalid has been one of the popular members of PLFP. Laila Khalid is also known as Poster Girl (Poster Girl of Palestinian Militancy) of Palestinian armed militancy.

Laila Khlaid became well known and famous to the public after the incident of 1969’s hijacking which wasthe event of hijacking four aeroplane which is also known as the Black September has broadcasted the picture of Laila Khalid worldwide.

      In august 1966 Laila Khlaid became a part of hijacking team, the TWA flight 840 aeroplane which was flying from Italy to Greek has been hijacked and landed in Damascus and all hijacked passengers had been set free and the flight blown up by an explosive bomb.  

      After the occurrence of this hijacking Laila Khalid became introduced and famous to common public. Most especially the more broadcasted picture of that time which was captured by a journalist known as Edhi Aidmer in which a Palestinian hijacker wearing an Arabian handkerchief and holding a Kalashnikov in hands has been shown. This picture until now along with Palestinian militancy has been famous globally for the contributions of women on the way of occupied nation’s freedom movements.

‘’ the consequence of my insanity surely rises up,

From this gloomy ocean a beam of light rises up’’

    Sammi Baloch is that brave daughter who in struggle appearance of her father has sacrificed her childhood and adulthood. Same like others hundreds women from Balochistan, Sammi Baloch from last previous eight years of her father’s disappearance administrating an appearance expedition. Sammi Baloch’s father, Doctor Deen Mohammad Baloch has been abducted and disappeared on 28 June 2009 by the Pakistan’s secret intelligence agencies. Doctor Deen Mohammad Baloch was a medical officer of OrnachKuzdar governmental hospital. He was very much fond and interested to his profession that he could hardly get to meet his family within the period of three months. Doctor DeenMohammad Baloch was a political leader and a central committee member of liberal political party Baloch National Movement (BNM). From Civil Hospital Ornachthe personnel of secret intelligence clothed in simple dresses dragged him away at 10pm where the eyewitnesses of this incident were on their duty as a security guard at the hospital premises. Upon being informed of her father disappearance Sammi Baloch along with her family cut an FIR nearby police station, filed a petition before the Balochistan High Court and there in front of the Quetta Press Club already held disappeared persons camp added a victim in shape of Sammi Baloch. 

        Despite of conducting press conference in press clubs and knocking the door of High and Supreme Court, she went to every that institutes which are built to provide justice and in expedition of his father’s appearance she was a participant of historic on foot long march initiated by Vice For Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) which marched from Quetta to Karachi and finally from Karachi to Islamabad.  

      What do a well-wisher daughter eventually want? Why on occasion of sacred days of Eid she is on a protest in front of the press clubs? At least for what?  It is a question for world’s human defenders and philanthropists, whither the demands of this daughter of a Baloch are not legal that her father to be released or to be appeared and if he is a culprit to be brought before the court for lawful proceedings. 

   The role of women in our society has always been neglected and treated with worthless consideration and women has always been introduced as a symbol of weakness, as for as this title is concerned I am talking about those two personalities who are known as a form of symbol for whole world. Laila Khalid who is known worldwide as a power of women and secondly SammiBaloch, a symbol of continuous struggle on land of Baloch. Sammi Baloch for all those women is a sagacity of proud who come out from unnatural jails to a field of practical struggle.   

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