A Deep Distress Humanised My Soul


Naznain Baloch

It was last day of school and I was really very happy that I will spend delectable time with my family, specially with my father, my hero and my friend. But I wasn’t well those days, my throat pain was on peak, I told my father that I am really pained

he said: I am being very late I’ve to go, other patient are waiting for me

His Hospital was at another district, he had to leave up on 3PM

Uff Baba what Benefit do I have to be your doctor ? I said annoyedly

Hahaha my sweet little Daughter, their are many more children who need me more

That moment I thought my dad cared more for Nation, as compare to us. But this didn’t made me sad but more happy, because my father was for Nation.

The thing which I’ve learned from my dad was think for others, never act self-centred. My Dad himself was a Dr at Ornach,Khuzdar.

As Days gone my throat pain was going on edges. I went to my father’s hospital. He checked me out and suggested for a better city for medical treatment that he had no facilities at Ornach. He said you have to operate your throat, as infection is exceeding day by day.

I was really fear of operation. I wasn’t so courageous girl.

But My father spirited me up.

My mom and uncle took me to shaal.

Your Name? Attendant asked

Shantul, I said

Go to Room No. 5, he guided.

Dr said, you’ve high throat infection, you have to operate your throat

27June: My operation occurred in 10 o’clock in the morning

I was very much happy that I was feeling better but couldn’t talk much.

at 9PM Dr discharged me

Me and mom went to my cousins home at Sariab Road.

I woke up on 5AM due to thirst, outside I felt someone is weeping, I went to see, she was my mom. Crying on balcony of her room. What happened mom ? I asked

Go and sleep. She ordered me

Please tell me mom, I requested.

She started weeping more

Oh mom I am being really worried, please tell me

You father has been abducted by security personnels, she continued crying. I frozen , didn’t knew how to act, what to say. Mom hugged and said everything will be alright, don’t worry but She was continuously weeping. I knew as my mom is weeping, nothing will be alright.

7AM: I lied on my bed, closed my eyes and started figuring out, what was my fathers mistake ? Why he has been abducted?

My father was not only a Doctor but also a political activist, with a majestic personality and such a human lover. He was performing duty at Ornach, Ornach is very much destitute area where Drs mostly avoid to perform duty but my baba went to serve humanity their. He was one of bibliophiles, he studied loads of world revolutionary movements and histories. He was a great politician and a great friend of mine. He always wanted to taught me chess ” learn chess my dear, it will help you to take great decisions in life ” I had tears in my eyes. Aah! Why? Why God? Why my Dad? I want to scream so high that my dad can hear me, but I can’t. I can’t do anything , anything which bring my dad back to me.

28June: My uncle went to Ornach for FIR registration.

What’s the matter? SSP asked

My brother was abducted last night, from near Hospital , my uncle said nervously

Name? SSP investigated more

Dr Deen Mohammad

Any doubt on someone? SSP asked further

On Security forces, my uncle said confidently

Okay we will try to trace your brother.

But SSP’s this arrogant behaviour didn’t satisfied my uncle.

Hello Shantul, listen to me carefully, my uncle called me on 28June at 1PM

Yes uncle ? I said distressfully

You have to go with your mother and cousin at Quetta Press Club. Uncle said

I before heard the name of Press Club but never went. On 28June at 5PM we first hold a Press Conference and talked to Media about enforced disappearance of my father.

Feared little girl , sitting beside my mom and watching journalist questioning my cousin about my father. On that moment I felt a hope, may be my father will be back after this talk with media.

Today , again it’s 28June , and again I am at Press Club, I my self talking to Media, but today it’s Karachi Press Club , and it’s 2017 and I am 20.

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