8th June for Baloch Missing Person.


Shayan Baluch

   Baloch missing person’s case, one of the aggravated problemthat has gracelessly failed to yet gained a concrete attentionnationally and internationally. The plight of missing’s unknown whereabouts under the custodies of Pakistani military and associated forces has created a concentrated uncertainty among the people whose beloved are still missing. The process of allegedly disappearance in Balochistan initiated at the time when exactly the insurgency of the Baloch against Pakistani occupation and brutalities intensified a decade ago. This continuity of the disappearance in this resource-rich land took thousands of innocent civilians and political activists behind the bars as a way to suppress and subjugate the Baloch people.   

   Balochistan after the British Rule, was an independent state being run under the khanate of Kalatsupervision along with its princely states, namely KharanLasbella and Makuran. But this couldn’t digest by the Pakistani rulers and they fiercely started their conspiracies under the leadership of Mr. Jinnah to annex Balochistan. Later on, when the entire tragedy of annexation occurred the occupiers tried to believe the international community that Kalat (Balochistan)annexed with Pakistan on March 27, 1948 in their own aspirations. However, in real this was an invasion and suspension of the Khanate rule. On the proceedings Balochistan was kept deliberately backward and deprived.

   Since the date of annexation Balochistan has been under the claws of firm occupation. Pakistan could never tolerate a voice raised from Balochistan and will always repeat the same reaction if it observes a slight jolt of resistance from any corner of itHenceforthdespite of being such an enormously resourceful land with its highly effective geographical importance the wealthy owner of the lengthy coastline, abundant mines reservoirs, Silvery, Gold, Methane Gas etc. still it has been deliberately kept in terms of negligence to have the right of freedom expression and every that raised finger had been swirled down. 

  The issue of Baloch missing persons is an apparent example of this cruelty over the Baloch. Here in Balochistan On daily basis Baloch people are being disappeared to unknown places by the open handed line enforcement authorities and the squads they have made and given open hands locally. This incurable disappearance issue even compelled the missing person’s families to join Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) in set off on a grueling 2,800 kilometer march from Quetta to Karachi and finally to Islamabad just with hope of recovery of the ones who are missing.  

  On the issue of this appalling disappearance the UN fact-finding mission, the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance (WGEIDD) visited Pakistan in 2012. On this 10-day mission they also had a touch to Balochistan where the Baloch Missing person’s family demonstrated their protest and despite of the consolidations from the team a single case of a Baloch couldn’t get to put in justice. Which created a massive mistrust among the people.

  Exception to these all, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has also declared an investigation bench of the cases of the missing people from Balochistan and issued warnings to the governmental machineries over recovery of the disappearedones but all efforts went in vain.  

   Abdul Qadeer Baloch, fondly known as Mama Qadeer, an unshaken voice of missing persons forum (VBMP) once told AFP that, “our main objective is to secure release of our beloved ones who are in disturbingly a higher number but unfortunately we have not yet received any attention from any forum globallytoo”.   

   Repeatedly seeing a negligence from all human rights defenders Baloch Students OrganizationAzad declared 8 June the day for missing hoping to raise the voice of all disappeared person’s cases. The day, 8 June, 2009 has very emotional attachments as on the same day a great leader of BSO-AzadZakir Majeed Baloch, who was the Senior Vice Chairman abductedHe was kidnapped by Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies from Mastung, Balochistan. Zakir Majeed was a student of Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences. This 8th June of 2017 completes his eight years of missing.      

   Zahid Baloch, former Chairman of Baloch Students Organization-Azad was abducted from Quetta in front of his colleagues on March 18, 2014 and another activist ShabeerBaloch, 22 years old, was also abducted by same forces in an area of Turbat, Balochistan. Both are among the missing without any justification of their fate. Above and beyond these many other political activists have been disappeared by a continuous series of abduction whose whereabouts are still unknown which includes the individuals of all sphere of life.  

  BSO-Azad on the issue of missing persons decided to raise a voice as an appeal to the global judiciary panels like International court of justice to play their role in recovery processes of the missing ones and effort to create an international awareness about the human violations in Balochistan. BSO-Azad on behalf of this day requests all the concerned global authorities to have their must involvement in dealing and taking a serious step to build up a trust which is deficient among the people of Balochistan who are being treated cold-bloodedly by the occupier, Pakistan.  

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