Relation importance to mothers in our society

By Our Reporter
QUETTA: Speakers at a seminar highlighted the importance of the life of mothers in Pakistan, the issues related to mothers’ health and the alarmingly high rates of mother mortality rates (MMR) in Pakistan.
The seminar was held at a local hotel under the auspices of Mercy Corps titled as Provincial Advocacy Seminar-Balochistan and Saving Mothers in Communities.
People belonging to religious quarters, civil society, health sector, gynecology, various non-governmental organizations and students were present on the occasion.
Addressing the participants, a renowned religious scholar Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman highlighted the importance of mother in Islam and quoted the instances from the life of Holy Prophet (BPUH) with regard to treating women. Substantiating his points, he quoted various sayings and Hadith of Holy Prophet (BPUH) for equity of women in terms of dignity, health care, and treatment as an equal fellow being.
The Managing Director of Mercy Corps (MC) Shoaib A Shahzad elaborated the importance of seminar saying that as a relation, much importance is attached to mothers in our society, but when it came to the health care issues, they were neglected. “Mothers complements home and the family but unfortunately Pakistan stands at 3rd ranking after India and Nigeria in high mortality rates of mothers most of who die during delivery cases,” He said.
He further revealed that 3 mothers die in delivery cases in Pakistan in every hour, meaning that 1 in every 20 minutes which pushes Pakistan into a state of health emergency in proportion to its population.
Mr. Shaoib A Shahzad further said that as many as 350.000 mothers die annually in Pakistan in delivery cases and these all deaths were due to certain issues which include outdated approach, culture, norms, ignorance, lack of facilities, lack of skilled labour, distance problems, unpreparedness on the part families, irresponsible behaviour of fathers and poverty.
He went on to say that around 65% delivery cases took place at homes in Pakistan where unskilled attendants attended the cases, adding that these were the statistics of the urban areas while the rural areas and specially Balochistan statistics went further high.
He further said that as many as 700,000 (15%) mothers experience some obstetrical and medical complication
Suggesting preventive measures to control these deaths, he said that Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) was one of the lethal causes of the maternal deaths in Pakistan where as many as 276 mothers lose their lives out of 100,000 due to PPH.
He said that as many as 14 million women experience bleeding after birth annually and added that in other words 1 out of every 10 women faced PPH after giving birth to a child.
He said that PPH could be controlled effectively through the use of a Tablet newly researched and introduced instead of Oxytocin which is Misoprostol which reduces the risk of heavy bleeding after birth by 60 %.
He also gave came up which visual charts showing the maternal death causes, which stated that 24% mothers died after giving birth due to severe bleeding, 15 p% due to infection related issues, 13 % due to unsafe abortion, 13 % due to Eclampisa, 12 % due to obstructed labour, 8 % due to direct cause and 20 % due to indirect causes.
He also elaborate three delays which intensified maternal deaths which: (I) delays in decision at the household and community level. (II) Inability to access to health facilities. (III) Delay in receiving care at the health facility.
Mr. Shoaib also emphasized the need of anti-natal check ups for the pregnant mothers, provision of safe and hygienic conditions and realization of the responsibility.
Towards the end, Director General (DG) Health Service Balochistan Dr. Masood Qadir Nosharwani said that the most important issue was how to control MMR and added that it is a huge challenge for health department in Balochistan. He further said that Balochistan MMR stood at 27% and can better be reduced through preventive measures. Professor. Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa also said that she had attended a conference in Italy where the importance of Misoprostal was stressed and added that despite being so backward Balochistan was fortunate enough to discuss the newly invented drug for prevention of the MMR.

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