IG Sindh to quit his office if he feels scared: SC

KARACHI: Supreme Court (SC) has observed  no police personal needs any squad and instead common man be provided protection.
This observation was made during the course of hearing of Karachi law and order case in SC Karachi registry Tuesday. A 5-member bench of SC headed by the justice Anwar Zahir Jamali heard the case.
Advocate General (AG) Sindh Abdul Fateh Malik presented government Sindh report on law and order situation in Karachi in the court.
Justice Anwar Zahir Jamali while expressing dissatisfaction over the report remarked had report been comprehensive then there would have been no need to hear the case again. 13 months are enough. Don’t try to please every one. Lawlessness and killing is on rise in the city, he added. Situation of all the areas and provinces is not alike and separate legislation can be made for every place, he further remarked.
The court inquired as to why legislation was not made for holding licensed arms in the light of SC decision. Had  the data of all the licenses been recorded by NADRA then it could have been easily ascertained who holds 20 licenses.
AG Sindh said “we are making efforts legislation is enacted as soon as possible in this connection.
Justice Amir Hani Muslim while giving remarks  said when government wants to enact law then all the job is done within one hour.
AG Sindh said that some friends had raised objection why such law be  enacted only for Sindh  and not for the entire country.
Justice Khilji Arif while addressing IG Sindh said “ It has become difficult for children to go outdoors. What protection a common man is enjoying. It is duty of government to counter criminals. IG Sindh should go outside in the vehicle without squad and make round of the city daily. If he feels scared then he should quit his office, he observed. Think about  the agony of the family whose lonely breadwinner is killed. No police personal needs any squad and common man be provided protection. Squad escorting police officers on the road hurls abuses on the people.
Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani inquired under what law vehicles bearing Dubai Number plates are running here. Notices be issued to all of them, he added.
He further observed wall was erected in the mid of road leading to Bilawal house. How much security is needed that the whole road has been encircled, he questioned.
Had SC orders been implemented the situation would have been far better at present, he remarked.
AG Sindh said terrorists were flooding towards Karachi from every part of country. The court inquired the responsibility to stem the flood of terrorists lies with whom.
As per report of IG Sindh 1900 people have been killed in Karachi in the current year. The court remarked that IG Sindh should visit the city alone for four days.
Court expressed annoyance over non-appearance of representatives of chief secretary Sindh and Election Commission before it.
Additional Chief Secretary Sindh Wasim Ahmad told the court as many as 20 people are apprehended daily possessing illegal arms but they are released by the courts on bail.
Court remarked this was bailable offence. Make new legislation and not to blame courts.
Additional chief secretary told the court 90 police officers were martyred this year.
Court remarked it means your negligence and incompetence. Only poor policemen are being killed.
Justice Amir Hani Muslim observed no high-ranking police officer has been martyred. Only ASI and Inspector level officers are being martyred. 80 percent police officers are non-professional, he added. -Online

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