Islam not allow killing of children and women: TI

By Our Reporter
QUETTA: Members of Tanzeem-i-Islami (TI) staged a protest demonstration against political manoeuvring of a military operation in Northern Waziristan in the wake of life attempt on Malala Yousafzai in Swat.
The protesting members of TI were holding banners and placards inscribed with anti-government and anti US slogans.
Addressing the protesting members, the speakers said that they condemned attack on Mala Yousafzai as an inhuman act and said that Islam did not allow the killing of children and women during the war. They said that Islam was such a religion that even did not allow the cutting of trees unjustifiably during the wars and added that attack on Malala Yousafzai was an anti-Islam act and was executed as a part of well-thought conspiracy.
The speakers said that they were thunderstruck at US’ behaviour as it had carried fire and sword in various Muslim countries during the last decade but it was so strained over an attack on a child in Pakistan despite the fact it daily devastates families in Pakistan by drone attacks. They said that the drone attacks have left thousands of women dead in tribal areas who even could not be shrouded and their dead bodies laid under open skies.
They said that the hypocritical behaviour of US had also obscured the character of Malala and her family’s pictures on facebook with Richard Hoolbroke and CIA agents created suspicions.
They maintained that a conspiracy was hatched against Pakistan and Malala was used as a tool for the accomplishment of the nefarious design against Pakistan.
They said that it was strange to note that Malala was attacked in Swat and operation drums were beating over North Waziristan.
“The fact is that Jihad has become triumphant in Afghanistan by the grace of Allah the Almighty whereas U.S and NATO forces are on the verge of retreat. This is unbearable to the anti-Islam and secular elements of Pakistan therefore, they are advocating an operation in North Waziristan,” the speakers said.
Towards the end, the speakers appealed to Pak-army to reject any demands of operation in North Waziristan as it would be attack on the integrity of Pakistan and added that Pak-army should also detach Pakistan from so-called American led war on terror.

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