Baloch student stage protest

By Our Reporter
QUETTA: A joint rally of the Baloch student organizations was taken out here on Thursday against denial of admission to the Baloch students in Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS).
The members of Baloch Students Organization (Pajjar), Baloch Students Organization (Muhi-ud-Din) and Baloch Republican Students Organization (BRSO) took out the rally against the denial of admission to the Baloch students in BUITMS. The rally passed through various streets of the provincial capital with the Baloch students, holding banners and placards inscribed with various slogans against the BUITMS administration. They also chanted full-throated slogans against what they regarded injustice to them.
Addressing on the occasion, the student leaders said that the doors of education were closed on Baloch in Balochistan as a part of a well orchestrated plan and added that the partial attitude of the Vice Chancellor of the University was condemnable.
The protesting students demanded immediate sacking of the VC of the BUITMS and cancellation of entry tests held on 13/10/2012.
They demanded an impartial investigation into the factors that led to the denial of admission to the Baloch students.
They said that admissions to the Baloch students were denied in those institutions where the very institutions had been funded by the Baloch resources. “This is perpetuation of the state conspiracies against Baloch,” the student leaders alleged. .
They also termed the silence of the incumbent government upon the silence of the alleged injustice to the Baloch students as criminal.

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