Govt struggling for the rights of masses: Raisani

By Our Reporter
QUETTA: Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani has said that so-called tribal elites and politicians should not fall victim to the allusion that they would drift him away from politics as he has always been in an active struggle for the rights of the masses and would continue to do so in future.
“I don’t need a certificate for this from anyone,” CM Balochistan said this talking to media here on Wednesday. He further said that he invited the high institutions of the country and the UN to prove the allegation leveled against his government, adding, “If these allegations are proved to be true, I’m ready for capital punishment.”
CM Balochistan further said that the politicians who were involved in propaganda against him, he wanted to convey them the message that he had always been active for the rights of the downtrodden masses. He said that he would actively take part in the coming elections and that he was not afraid of any allegations as such allegations aimed at acquiring cheap popularity.
“We have done politics taking it as politics and have always remained away from the politics of interests,” CM Balochistan said.
He said that it made no difference if he was in power or not, he would continue his struggle for the downtrodden people of Balochistan in particular and Pakistan in general.
He said that those who hurled allegation at him should first clear their own selves from countless sins of kidnapping for ransom, vehicle snatching and decoity.
“History is witness to the fact those sitting in glass houses never remain safe if try to throw stones at others,” CM Balochistan maintained.

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