Specialized treatment for Malala Yusufzai

The symbol of girl education and peace in Pakistan, Malala Yusufzai, had been taken to a British hospital for specialized treatment by expert doctors and surgeons of Britain. The Government took a right decision to shift Malala to Britain for specialized treatment on the advice of the surgeons and doctors treating her at the Army Hospital in Pakistan. Her condition was reported to be stable and improving as she was responding to treatment after bullet was taken out of her skull. Hundreds of millions of Pakistani had prayed for her life, her speedy recovery condemning the cowardly murderous attack on a teen age student of a girl school in Saidu Sharif. The tremendous response and widespread condemnation of the murderous attack on Malala had disturbed the pro-Taliban elements in the garb of Ulema equating the cowardly attack on a teen age girl student with the missile attacks by UIS drones in Waziristan. Those Ulema had not been stopped by anyone to launch campaign against the US and its drone attack. They should organize rallies daily for mobilizing public opinion. In no case, their support to terrorist for the murderous attack is justified. The same elements had been reported making request to the Americans quietly make him the Prime Minister and they should arrange a meeting outside Pakistan so that intelligence agencies of Pakistan should remain blank what the Ulema and their leaders had talked to Americans and the demands they made to hand over Pakistan to them. This double standard and should be stopped and there should be no support to terrorism and acts of terrorism against the innocent people. If Ulema and their proxies Taliban wanted to rule Pakistan, they should come forward and participate in the elections and dislodge traditional parties by outvoting them. It will be a legitimate rule for them and then they should impose their thinking in a democratic manner.
Similarly, Tehrik-i-Insaf and its leader was involved in image building of Taliban and justifying their terrorist acts for political reasons. He took a big procession to Tank on the borders of Waziristan to demonstrate his support to Taliban against the peace loving tribesmen who opposed all acts of terrorism and not a party to overthrow X Government or Y Government. After the murderous attack on the innocent school girl, Mr. Imran Khan is embarrassed over the development and quickly condemned the attack.

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