PPP poll prospects are very bright

President Asif Zardari was the first political leader who predicted a second tenure for the PPP in the next general elections. Presumably, he made the assessment in the backdrop of facts that the PPP did not face any significant challenge from the Opposition parties, mainly the PML-N, as other parties are irrelevant in poll politics. PML-N had disappointed the people as the main opposition party and it failed to put up tough resistance to the PPP rule during the past four years. Keeping in view the strength of the PML-Q, President Zardari had concluded an election alliance with the party leaders and offered to fight joint election against PML-N and other opposition parties. Pakistan Tehrik Insaf is no challenge as it failed to get response from the people of Balochistan, Sindh and KPK confining the party base to Central Punjab or on GT road and its surroundings. According to observers of the Punjab political scene, there are no chances of PTI winning more than ten seats in whole of Pakistan. There are no seasoned politicians in the PTI and most of them are turncoats in politics who ferried in many political parties in recent years.
The PPP started demonstrating its strength by organizing rallies and public meeting challenging the influence of nationalist parties in Sindh opposition the Local Government Act of the Provincial Assembly. The Hyderabad meeting had left a deep impact on the politics of Sindh pushing the nationalists and their politics to a corner. Sindhi nationalists had no prospects winning their seats or retaining electoral constituencies in Sindh and they are good in street agitation only. MQM had its own constituencies and it poses no challenge to the PPP and its strong hold in some parts of Karachi, Hyderabad and some other urban centres of Sindh. Thus MQM and PPP are expected to retain their strong hold without confronting each other in the electoral battle where the PML-N no chances. However, the religious parties may pose some challenge to the MQM in Karachi and Hyderabad just to deny a walk over to the MQM in major cities.

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